Saturday, June 11, 2011

"saknak" moved. ウェブ引っ越し

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunset 8:30pm

These days sun rise around 5:30am and sun set around 8:30pm! I love long day. When I go home from work, it feels like 5pm! Above is my office lobby (well winter garden where events always happens)


They have been building the liberty tower very fast.. now I look up it is taller than my office building! amazing. They also started building hub station part as well. Trees are replanted and getting green.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shopping Spree

Ok, sometime photos should not be Nico right? :P on Sunday we did a lot... We went to central park, hang out with dogs and afterwards I went to a Yoga class (felt unhealthy from all the drinking in Japan) and went to manicure since I had a credit left at the salon. And, it was still a noon. We had to get some gifts for relatives and friends, so went to SOHO to shop in the afternoon.  I usually don't go there especially on weekends but it was ok today. Above was a new street art. One thing I really like about New York is you don't get bored just walking down the streets!... and my love for peony below the photo. It was at Kate Spade in SOHO.

たまには、ニコじゃない写真も載せましょう。日曜日はなんだか2日分を生きたぐらい活動してしまいました。いつもやってから後悔するんだけど。朝はセントラルパークいって。出張の不健康さを(精神的に)取り除くためにヨガ。いててて。そんで、マニキュアしにいって、まだ昼だっつうねん。その後、結婚祝い頂いた親戚の皆様にお返しを買いにSOHOに繰り出し。普段は特に週末はあんなに混んでるところいかないけど、久しぶりに行きましたわよ。人のものとあって、大人買い。なんかたぶん気が狂った日本人観光客だと思われたと思うよ。ブライアンのおかげで、Kate Spadeディスカウント、ありがたや〜。でっかい緑のKate Spade紙袋を下げて女性の熱い視線を感じながら、白熱に買い物してきました。久しぶりのSOHOはストリートアートも新しくできてたりして(写真最初)歩いていて飽きないわNY。

I finally got a 1TB (!) HD disk and magic mouse. I am surprised how HD disk got smaller and cheaper... my last one is a substantial box and it also needs a plug in to get power! This 1TB portable HD is like a light iphone size box and just has a short wire.... aw, why didn't I buy this earlier! I am going to back up my mac and also photos. yay! Also... I was so bothered by my mouse since it didn't work well on my white glossy desk. I thought I'd give a try for a magic mouse and it is, wonderful!!


Thursday, June 2, 2011




Wednesday, June 1, 2011







Monday, May 30, 2011


Ah, very excited that I have my Lumix camera back. iphone does a great job but I just love Lumix. Don't you!? by the way, how do you organize digital photos..? I have so many pictures as you can imagine... and I store some albums on Picasa and all the photos in iPhotos, but thinking to back up in mini-hard drive. Any recommendation? 


Brian's niece. Isn't she adorable?? Only 7 months. Started not liking to be held by others but her mom. Cannot wait till she starts talking.


My LOVE, peonies. why are they so lovely!? I picked some at Brian's parents garden. They are so fresh and beautiful. Now they are in my kitchen, every time I look at it, I sigh for its beauty. haha.


Memorial Day Weekend

3 days weekend! Beautiful sunny weekend... since I was away for so long and Brian has been working so hard, our apartment was a bit messy, and we decided to clean the apartment. I framed the cloth that I bought in Kyoto in the bathroom, aren't they beautiful? They are crafted by hand and I Like motif are Japanese. some essence of Japan in our bathroom! I wish I had more wall space to hang more stuff. 


Nico got cleaned as well. She met this tiniest dog at the pet shop. I cannot believe they are the same kind of animal. This tiny dog was trembling and smaller than Nico's head as you can see. The owner was kind of crazy over the dog... very typical over protecting parent.


We had a good breakfast at cafe while we dry Nico under the sun. I missed this New York brunch. Volume, Eggs, Fruits, Vegetables! food in Japan is awesome but they don't serve this kind of breakfast.


Saw Bridesmaids. Highly recommended! good laugh. It was not a chic movie but really awesome comedy. I was afraid of falling sleep during the movie because of jet lag but it kept me awake and laughing.

夜は、Bridesmaids。コメディ。最高。みてっ! 日本のテレビのバラエティも、下らなすぎて面白いのもあったけど、やっぱ笑いは違うよねー、、でもこの映画は日本人でも面白いと思うけど?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer in New York!



Came back from Japan! Nice to be home... Everyone asks me how Japan is, but Tokyo is back to pretty normal, besides everywhere is saving energy and office is really dark. Escalator and elevator at station are not moving etc. but regular life is back to normal. Good food, good sake... as usual. It is so hard to resist good food there and I feel healthier being in NYC. more cooking and less good sake :) The weather is so nice and toasty, makes me a lot happier than gloomy May we had. Already using AC this year, Nico is so hot in the house. Have a good long weekend everybody!